Window Farming Veggie Venture

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Is space limited in your home? Do you not have anywhere to put a garden inside? Perhaps you live in the city? Well, here is a great project you can try. It will allow you to grow your own herbs, plants and if you have good sunlight perhaps some smaller fruits and vegetables like strawberries or cherry tomatoes.

I am talking about the Windowfarm! The concept is simple and construction is fairly easy and on top of all of that its very cheap to build! You can very easily be experiencing the enjoyment of hydroponic gardening. If you happen to be lazy they also have some nicely engineered models you can purchase directly.

Their units essentially will trickle feed the top planter in a chain of planters with the fertilizer solutions. As the water falls down the line it aerates itself providing the oxygen that the roots need. You did know that plants roots take in oxygen right? All of this is accomplished with out the plants ever experiencing any dirt.

Window Farms Project Instructions

Window Farming Veggie Venture

The easiest, cheapest, smallest windowfarm. Gets you started on hydroponics ASAP! This version is designed to be easy to assemble for folks who want to try out a windowfarm but are not quite ready to build the structure needed for larger windowfarms. This system grows three plants and costs less than €25. The basic configuration includes three bottles that act as plant holders, a bottom reservoir to capture/hold water, and tubing to move water through the system. It also utilizes a small air pump that uses water displacement to elevate the water up to the top of the system, where it can then trickle down through each plant.

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