Thai Herbs For The Colon

kee-lek thai herbs for the colon

The herb leaves are whitish green on both sides and bear spiny teeth on the margins. The yellow to purplish drooping flowers grow in a long raceme at the top of the flower stalk. The fruit is a triangular capsule containing numerous seeds. view Thai Herb Set

roselle thai herbs for the colon

Roselle is used for the treatment of various diseases and disorders including hypertension, hyperlipidemea, bladder stone and gastric ulceration (Bunyapraphatsara, 1987).

kee-lek  thai herbs for the colon

It was demonstrated that Roselle could be used as an antispasmodic drink and antihypertensive as well as anthelmintic in taeniasis and anti-bacterial agent (Sharaf, 1962). An aqueous extract of Roselle was reported to be an effective diuretic in patients with urologic disorders (Muangmun, 1982)

Is the leaf of the Cassia fistula or Golden Shower Tree. In Thailand Both the young leaves and the flower buds are eaten. The very young leaves and flower buds are eaten raw in salads, and the older leaves are ground up and made into a type of spicy curry. Kang Kee Lek.

Kang Kee Lek is thai herbs for the colon, a very unique Lao traditional stew. Bai Kee Lek or leaves from Thon Kee Lek (Kee Lek Tree) have a strong bitter taste. It takes a great deal of time and patience to make Kang Kee Lek. The leaves have to washed, then boiled and drained several times to get a desirable bitter taste.

Since the older adults in my family are fond of ant eggs, it was not a surprise to me to see ant eggs used as substitute for meat in this particular Kang Kee Lek.

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