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Organic Rice with the rising number of advocacies on environmental protection, healthy lifestyles and habits, the world is in the same way hooked on anything natural and organic. It is for the same reason that organic is fast becoming a preferred alternative in areas of cosmetics, diets, medicines, even clothing, and of course, farming.

the Earlier this year, Davao City publicly advocated for organic rice food production to ensure safety and good health. A resolution was passed urging farmers to practice natural farming for organic rice. Currently, there are around 2,000 organic farmers in the city, with around 300 hectares of farmlands devoted to organic food production. The advocated for organic rice thailand.

organic rice thailand

The most popular organic produce to date is the organic rice. Its demand is rising with supermarkets, public markets, and specialty outlets and even in sari-sari stores making it available for sale to consumers looking for healthy options by being able to choose foods that are naturally produced with no chemical inputs. Moreover, consumers experience the good effects of organic rice, such as low cholesterol level, good alternative to diabetes prevention, weight loss because it is high in fiber and all its other identified health benefits including prevention of breast cancer.

The Davao Trade Expo 2010 AGRI-Con will become a venue for the presentation of the multiple topics in organic and natural farming technology. Join the AGRI-Con and hear from top industry experts as Mr. Rene Guarin and Mr Andrei Lim as they tackled issues and challenges with organic advocates sharing inputs in the R& D stream of the conference

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