Organic Farming technology

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Organic Farming technology
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Organic fertilizers. These fertilizers are derived from vegetable or animal matter. Hence, it includes manure, worm casting, humic acid, guano, slurry and seaweed. The processed form of fertilizers using organic method comprises humic acid, bone meal, blood meal, amino acids, seaweed extracts and compost. In each of the fertilizer bag, you can notice 3 written numbers. It is the requirement which indicates phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. These fertilizers are made up of natural resources but whereas inorganic fertilizers are made up of manufactured or synthetic chemicals. These organic fertilizers can be purchased from stores or can be prepared by yourself in your home.

Facts of Organic farming

Earlier people had no idea about how to produce the products in a best manner. Herbicides as well Pesticides affect not only the environment but as well the people. Farming organically makes use of wind energy and solar power. Many of the consumers prefer to purchase the products which are free from pesticides. Farmers must take the opportunity in order to educate themselves and learn regarding this type of farming. Nearly it may take about three seasons in order to compete with the traditional farming. Later you not only provide healthy resources for your family, but also for the general public.

Methods of Organic farming:

Organic farming technique synthesizes the potential of both traditional and modern farming. It tries to uphold the ecological balance at the time of the farming process. Crop diversity is considered to be one of the best technique where various species of plants are grown on the same land. Planting of variety crops in the same land retains the soil fertility. Farm size is the other factor of organic farming where farmers prefer to have farm lands of smaller size. Because it helps to avoid the utilization of big machines. Also, it makes rotation of crops more efficient and leads to increase in biodiversity. เกษตรอินทรีย์
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